Architectural Photography Pricing

Have you recently renovated a building that you need to showcase? How about needing updated photos to show potential leasors or simply update your website with your new office location?

Whether it be a commercial office building, apartment complex, a new space for your business or just getting updated photos, we can certainly help you. Our architectural photography is accomplished through a variety of methods to give you stunning, crisp and impactful images of your space. We specialize in composite, HDR and single frame photography from both terrestrial and aerial cameras. Depending on your needs, we can photograph during "off-hours" to minimize car & foot traffic or include those are part of the shoot. Brian is a licensed and insured part 107 drone pilot with 2 different platforms for aerial architectural photography.

Architectural Photography Pricing – per project

Architectural photography pricing per project is perfect when we have a non-specific deliverable, such as focusing on a commercial kitchen or a few different exerior photos. This approach allows us to capture different angles and views for the same space and deliver them all. We use a flexible shooting time to find the best day & light to work with to accomplish your end goal.

All project rates are custom quotes.

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Architectural Photography Pricing – per photo

When you have a project that has a specific art requirement or ongoing projects, this is the preferred method. Also known as shooting "spec", you will only pay per photo delivered. Aerial photos may be subject to additional fees depending on operating environments.

$100 per photo
2 photo minimum

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